About Us

PT Bali Casa is a foreign investment company with 2 main businesses in Bali for properties and investment and for outside Bali on consulting service.
Casa Mateo Villa is a Private Villa managed by PT Bali Casa established on February 2006 and strive it’s self to bring an accommodation with excellent service level to every guest in a perfect location in Seminyak.
Totaling 20+ staff, for its operation, Bali Casa created several procedures to meet 5 stars service with complete structural organization consists of Management, HR/Admin, Accounting, Marketing (Client Relationship Management / CRM) , Engineering and Maintenance (Construction; Design and Maintenance / CDM); Room Division with Housekeeping and Concierge; Kitchen (including Food & Beverage); Security and MIS (IT & Development).

Continuous Improvement

Training is a routine in Bali Casa, which conducted for every section to ensure the effective and productive work in every area, both front and back office. Every 3 months (Quarterly Training Schedule), in-house training held to recalling the procedure, introducing new improvement from cross section and hands on through role play and simulation.
Bali Casa also developed own in-house HR based IT program connecting every staff to record every activities and milestone, which make Bali Casa able to learn organically for its improvement.


Balicasa had receives several awarding showing the recognition for its organization qualities as follow :
2011 – Business International Award for category “The Best Villa and Service Excellent of The Year”
2012 – 30 Top Leader Business and Company Award 2012” for category “Top Favorite Resort in Bali of The Year”
2012 – The Inspiring Business Variety Award 2012” for category – The Most Favorite Hotel in Bali of the Year”
2012 – Business Excellence Award 2012 for category “The Best Choice in Hospitality of the Year“
2013 – Top 50 Leader winner of the Year 2013 for category “Top Favorite Resort of The Year”
2013 – Bali International Creative and Innovative Award for category “Best Creative and Innovative Villa”
2014 – INDONESIA BEST 50 HOTEL& RESTAURANT AWARD 2014 “The Best Favoritte Villas & Service Excellent of The Year”