Casa Mateo Award

Casa Mateo is a one of Luxury Villa in Seminyak area. Casa Mateo was born on 2006 and now Casa Mateo almost 11 years old and the age that has been stepped on teenagers Casa Mateo has managed to get various kinds of awards.
We can see the list of awards for Casa Mateo as follows:

1. Bali - 26 March 2011, Casa Mateo get International Business & Company Award 2011, for Category: Excellence Service of the Year.

2. On 2012 - Casa Mateo get 4 Awards:

  • Jakarta, 17 February 2012, Casa Mateo get 30 Top Leader & Company Award 2012, for Category: Top Favorite Resort in Bali
  • Jakarta, 20 April 2012, Casa Mateo get The Inspiring Business Variety Award 2012, for Category: The most Favorite Hotel in Bali
  • Bali, 25 May 2012, Casa Mateo get The Winner International Award 2012, for Category: As the Best Favorite Villa & Service Excellent of the Year
  • Jakarta, 12 October 2012, Casa Mateo get Business Excellence Award 2012

3.  On 2013 - Casa Mateo honored 2 Awards:

  • Jakarta, 24 May 2013, Casa Mateo for 50 Top Leader of the year 2013, for Category: The Favorite Resort Award Winner.
  • Bali, 1 November 2013, Casa Mateo for of BALI INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE AWARD 2013, for The Best Creative & Innovative Villa Of The Year.

4. Jakarta, 15 January 2014, Casa Mateo for INDONESIA BEST 50 TRUSTED HOTEL & RESTAURANT AWARD, for Category:  BEST 10 TRUSTED VILLAS - "The Best Favorite Villas & Service Excellent of The Year"

5. Bali, 23 January 2015, Casa Mateo for BALI INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE INNOVATIVE AWARD 2015, for Category: The Best Family Villa of the Year.

6. Bali, 28 October 2016, Casa Mateo for INDONESIA MOST TRUSTED COMPANY AWARD, for Category: As The Villa That Most Hotel In Service Excellent of The Year.

7. Bali, 21 July 2017, Casa Mateo for INDONESIA BUSINESS QUALITY AWARD 2017, for Category: The Best Resort & Service Excellent of The Year 2017.

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