Safety and Emergency

Self Rescue from Fire and Natural Disasters

Safety is very important where ever you at, home or on travel. Casa Mateo villa is designed like a second-home for every guest, but it require all safety measurement which ensure the safety of every guest include in the event of fire accident and natural disaster which may happen in sudden, where every guest should be informed how to conduct self rescue and able to reach safe place until the event end or under controlled.

Here are the Emergency Map - Layout in Casa Mateo for Guest and Staff reference

Fire Accident

  1. Do not panic 
  2. If the smoke has spread, cover your mouth and nose with damp cloth.
  3. Find the nearest exit to find a safe place
  4. If trapped in the flames, wrap the body with a blanket or wet cloth to break through the fire.
  5. Use fire extinguisher
  6. Call Badung area fire brigade at (+62) 361 411333 if the fire uncontrolled

Earthquake / Natural Disaster

  1. Do not Panic 
  2. Get out of the room and go to the field / point center 
  3. Make sure the conditions normal then you can back to the room 
  4. Take cover under the table if you stuck in the room
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