Stay Safe

Shared Responsibility 

Providing a safer environment for our guests and staffs is a top priority. To achieve this is a shared responsibility. Please bear with us in our efforts to enhance the safety of our premise by complying with local regulations, practicing social distancing (staying at least 4 feet or 1.5 meters from other guests and staff), and wearing face coverings whenever you’re in public areas of the villa and the outside. We do appreciate your support and understanding.

Guest Policy  

As private villa, we only receive guest which depart from same location and arrive in our villa in the same time, shared same transportation.  A room can be only shared for family member or couple. Other than that, one room can be only sleep for one person.

Social Distancing Measures and Contactless Transaction  

Signage throughout our villa to remind guests to maintain social distancing minimum 1,5 meters, occupancy limits and options of  seating spaces in compliance with Indonesian government guidance.

Temperature checks for everyone including guests and staff at the villa premises. Hand wash stations outside and in 3 restroom (1 in lobby, 1 in backyard and 1 in 1st floor) and hand sanitizers in commom areas; with disinfection of all equipment including your bags before being delivered to your room.

We have Mobile hotline number (+6281246004334) which can be contacted when you required any assistance from our staff. Face mask for guests is mandatory to be worn in villa public area, especially when there is outside guest visit. Self-Parking recommended with parking space should be requested and valet service may available. 

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol and Housekeeping Service  

In keeping with Casa Mateo Commitment to safety and cleanliness, we have made several enhancements to our cleaning practices throughout our property and in guestrooms. These include :

  • Enhanced Common Space Cleaning:
    • We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection, particularly in common areas where can be use by all guest including 3 restrooms, lobby, dining table, bar, terrace upstairs, with following details: light switches, door handles and frames, remote controls and televisions, telephones, hangers and luggage, cabinet doors and handles, countertops, appliance doors and other high touch-point areas, include provided hand sanitizers in those areas. We ensure all wipes and cleaning toos are clean, regularly disinfected and separate with wipes and tools from highly contaminant space like bathroom and toilet.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Staff members will wear PPE (e.g., face coverings, gloves, etc.) based on the activities they are performing and based on direction by the local authorities. Guests are welcome to wear personal face masks.

Electrostatic Spraying:
We're utilizing enhanced technologies, including electrostatic sprayers with hospital-grade disinfectants, to support our rigorous cleanliness protocols.

Laundry procedures
A protocol has been defined for laundries for washing and collecting linen during the stay and after the customer’s departure to avoid contamination by separating used linen-towel and disinfecting the laundry bag. seal clean linens and towel after washed.

Room Ameninities 

Every guest room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected use cold fogging hospital grade prior to arrival and between each guest.  Literature including magazines, books has been removed from rooms.  Disinfectant wipes are provided in the room including face masks and hand sanitizer. After disinfection of rooms, all frequently used items (glasses and remote control) and the entrance to the room will be sealed.

We will continue to provide housekeeping services daily while you are away from the room. If you have any specific housekeeping preferences or would like to not receive housekeeping service during your stay, please contact reservation or our hotline at any time. 

Property Amenities & Service 

We are committed to making the amenities and services at our property available to you while complying with local regulations, including guidance on limiting capacity in our villa and reinforcing social distancing. The modifications we have made include:

  • Massage Room : only for staying guest, face masks required, only 2 beds capacity and only vaccinated the therapist with face mask during the therapy. Reservation required
  • Swimming Pool : only for staying guest only, individual towel will provided.

Food and Beverage Offerings 

We have heightened all of our food safety procedures to be next level as well. Exacting sanitization, hygiene and disinfecting guidelines, modified dining practices, avoid unnecessary personal contact include single-use menus, modified the service and seating standards during our breakfast, lunch and dinner service. Where suggesting only maximum 5 person per serving in the dining table. No shared equipment. Each food will be served by our staff. Guests are not allowed to serve themselves.

Welcome drinks and snack will be served by our staff on arrival and serve individually. 

Mobile Hotline (+6281246004334) and email ( are use to communicate for your Check-In/Check-Out time, providing necessary documents, service order from dining, housekeeping, concierge to trouble shooting and complain of facilities. 

Meeting and Events  

For the Health and Safety of our guests & staffs, the following precautions are in place during your event:  Social distancing measure of more than 1.5 meters which include space capacity limits in all areas set up.  Hand sanitizer in all restroom and open space areas. Temperature check upon arrival and face mask are mandatory for all guests.  Vendors are also required to follow the same protocols.  Optional single use cutlery, cups, water bottles/cans for all attendees are available.  Enhanced Cleaning Protocols including but not limited to: disinfect all equipment setup before/after event, routine cleaning throughout the day of high-touch areas and audio visual equipments.

For small group size of less than 20 pax, food may be pre-boxed/pre-packed (by request). Assisted buff et counters for group size above 20 pax.  Staggered arrivals, departures and breaks. Queuing may be required.

Domestic Guest Requirements

Risk Assessment Form Covid  

Indonesian citizens are eligible to travel as long as a COVID-19 free result Health Certificate is presented. Additionally, travelers are required to provide specific documentation based on their category and destination upon traveling. Click Travel Restrictions to Indonesia for more detailed information.

For departures from regions that do not have a COVID-19 test facility, travelers may substitute it with a Health Certificate showing symptom-free influenza-like illnesses issued by a hospital/community health center doctor.

International Guest Requirements

Risk Assessment Form Covid  

Qualifications for International tourists traveling to Bali: Foreign travelers from 19 pre-selected countries are allowed to travel into Bali with the following provisions:

  1. Provide full-dose vaccination certificate at least 14 days before departure to Bali with your application
  2. Provide proof of negative RT-PCR test results within 72 hours before arrival
  3. Fulfill all administrative prerequisites such as visa or other entry permits as well as proof of booking and payment for accommodation includingquarantine accommodation while in Indonesia
  4. Provide proof of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of USD100,000 which includes coverage for Covid-19
  5. Requirement to undergo a mandatory 4 days 3 nights quarantine (at selected hotels predetermined by the Indonesian government - may subject to change without prior notice in this website) at your own expense

Click Latest Travel Regulations to enter Bali for detailed information

Outbound Indonesia: Travelers are advised to refer to each destination country's policy and information from the government, embassy, and related authority's website or IATA Travel Center here.

Inbound Indonesia: Foreign travelers are not allowed to enter or transit in Indonesia. Foreign travelers with an exemption to enter Indonesian territory,please refer to the Regulation of Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights No.11 of 2020. Click Travel Restrictions to Indonesia for detailed information.

Health Certificate Validity
Based on COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Force letter, the acceptable period of Health Certifi cates based on COVID-19 test type results are as follows:

  • Health Certificate with a non-reactive Rapid test result is valid for a maximum of 14 days from the health facility issuance. 
  • Limited to passengers with flight destined to Biak, results are valid for a maximum of 7 days from the health facility issuance.
  • Health Certificate with a negative PCR/Swab test result is valid for a maximum of 14 days from the health facility issuance. 
  • Limited to passengers with International flights to Jakarta/Surabaya/Denpasar, the PCR/Swab test results are valid for a maximum of 7 days from the health facility issuance.

*Please note:

  • COVID-19 is highly contagious. We encourage you to continue to take steps to mitigate your risk of COVID-19, including following recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. As is the case with any public place, we cannot guarantee that you will not encounter others at the villa who are contagious; however, we want you to know that we are committed to cleanliness and our enhanced safety measures in response to COVID-19.
  • Please report to our hotline (+6281246004334 or  if there any misconduct or difference of above protocol for our monitoring and continous improvements.
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