Travel Note

Registration of Foreigners

The law in Indonesia requires registration for all foreigners within 24 hours of arrival. Our Staff will request your passports on arrival to complete this formality. The cost to you is Rp 30.000, – per passport. The passport will be returned to you straight after the registration within the same day. We understand that you may not feel comfortable handling over your passport but by the law we are required to follow these procedures. Please rest assured that your precious documents will be looked after and returned after a short time. This procedure is for your own safety and should anything happen requiring an insurance claim you need to have the corresponding registration card that we will collect on your behalf.


Whilst our staffs are not trained babysitters, they are extremely child-friendly and one of the girls is normally available to baby-sit. Please notify the Manager in advance should you need a babysitter. You will be charged a small overtime fee for late-night babysitting.

Massage Service

We operate an excellent call-in service which you must experience. Please contact one of the house staff for an appointment.

Cinema and Sound System

Villa Casa Mateo is equipped with a sound system, including full theatre surround sound for the Cinema Room.
Please read the simple instruction card enclosed in the TV cabinet.
We have IPod/IPhone dock in two guest rooms and IPhone connector in the lobby.

TV and DVD Movies & Series

The villa is installed with cable TV which carries all the major international cable channels. Reception is available only in the TV area. DVD Movies & Series is providing in wide range of choice. We maintain a supply in the villas and would be grateful if the stock remains in place!

Voltage and Electricity

Bali runs on a 220 volt system. You should note that the grid is subject to power weakness during peak times (6pm to 10pm) and some types of electrical equipment may not run at the reduced voltage level experienced during this time. We are one of the very few private villa compounds to have full back-up generator capacity; this can be switched on only with a total power failure from the grid. It takes around 4 – 5 minutes for the generator to kick in. Be sure to unplug sensitive electrical equipment when not in use and you should be aware that the grid is prone to power surges, as is the villa compound when the generator is used. You will find voltage surge protection boxes throughout the villas and we urge you to use these for sensitive electrical equipment.

Insect & Precautions

Mosquito coils are provided at the Villa for your convenience and are lit every early evening in the outside living areas. These coils should help very much to keep the majority of the pests away. Your room will be sprayed before bedtime or when you leave the villa. We recommend you close your bedroom and bathroom doors before leaving to prevent insect’s entering. A can of insect spray is provided in each room.

Water Supply

Casa Mateo has a water supply, which due to installation of modern filtration equipment, is theoretically potable. We would however advise you to drink only water from the Water Dispensers located in the kitchen, and from the mineral water bottles placed in your room each day.

Internet – WI-FI

The villa has High-speed Wireless Internet Connection facility. If you forget to bring your personal laptop, you may come up to the office and can use the computer as much you want.

Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is equipped with modern Western appliances ranging from juicers to microwaves.

Our kitchen complete with high quality standard of Kitchen Equipment, such as Stove with 4 stoves, Rice cooker, Fridge, Oven and  Coffee Machine that it support our chef to prepare your food.


Sheets and bath towels are regularly replaced. Should you wish to have your towels changed more frequently, please place them in the laundry basket in your bathroom. Please place any personal laundry in the laundry bags provided and fill out the laundry list in your bedroom cupboard. There is a charge for laundry, as we contract this externally, which will be invoiced to you at the end of your stay. A list of charges is available in each bedroom. Please leave 48 hours for the return of laundry before your departure.

Pool safety

The lap pool is 20.5 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. There is a shallow area around the Jacuzzi but one end of the pool has a 1.5 – 2.0 meter depth. “Please note that usage of the pool is entirely at your own risk and there is no lifeguard on duty”. The house staff on duty may be unable to swim! At night the pool lights and filter are switched off at 22.00, or by your request.


The villas have 24 hour security. The guards, called Satpam in Indonesian, will help you in any way they can. Be warned they speak only a little English! Should you wish to call out for them, use the expression “Bli” which is also the Balinese expression for getting the attention.
We do of course have every confidence in the reliability of our house staff. Nevertheless, we would ask you not to leave valuables lying around as temptation. The Manager controls a safety deposit box and we urge you to leave valuables with us for safekeeping.
At nighttime, we would advise you to keep your bedroom door locked with the key in the lock, as an extra precaution.

Car parking

We have parking space for 2 cars/ vans. In addition, parking on the main road is plentiful and reasonably secure.


As a Thank you to the villa staff you may wish to reward them. If unsure of amounts please consult with our manager, any tips will be distributed equally among all the staff. There is of course no requirement to tip the house staff but this is of course much appreciated by the local staff.


Whilst we provide villa rather than hotel facilities, we have made great endeavors to provide as many “hotel” style facilities/ services as possible without disturbing the atmosphere of villa living. Should you have any suggestions or comments, we would be delighted to hear about them. Please leave a note with the Manager or, alternatively, e-mail us at

End of Your Stay

It is recommended calling your airline 72 hours before your departure to confirm your flight. If you need any assistance the staff will be more than happy to help you. Please check to ensure that you have packed all of your belongings. Double checked and empty the safe deposit box. Pay all of you outstanding bills that have not already settled, which may include: laundry and dry cleaning, telephone calls, faxing, transportation, mini bar, food and beverage, villa rental balance etc.
You will be expected to pay for any items in your villa that you may have broken or damaged. We also understand that exceptions may be warranted. This will be handled on a case by case basis, and can be discussed with your villa manager. Please be aware that the airport charges for International flight are– departure tax per person.

In order to help us to improve the quality of our service & facilities for your next stay, we would appreciate some or your time to fill in our guest feedback from before your departure.
We wish you a fantastic vacation in Bali and hope you will enjoy your stay at Villa Casa Mateo. Please feel free to share your moments, pictures, status in our Facebook page, Twitter and TripAdvisor. The highest appreciation is introducing Casa Mateo to your families, colleagues and friends.

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