Favorite Beach Clubs In Canggu Bali This Year

One of the things tourists look for when they come to Bali is the best beach club. There is no need to doubt the beauty of the beaches in Bali. White sand, rolling waves, and spectacular sunset panoramas are some of the things tourists are looking for. Bali currently has world-class beach clubs scattered in several places. Most tourists look for Jimbaran beach club, Seminyak beach club, and Canggu beach club. If you are currently in Canggu, then this is the right article because we will provide recommendations for the most favorite beach clubs in Canggu.

Finns Beach Club

Finns Beach Club In Canggu


Finns Beach Club is the coolest hangout spot located on Berawa Beach in Canggu. It has a unique bamboo architectural design and an infinity pool concept, allowing you to swim in the pool while enjoying sea views or just basking in the sun. Fins Beach Club is perfect for relaxing and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the Sunset Lounge which is located on the 2nd floor of the Finns Beach Club as the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. You can also enjoy the sunset on the daybed and beanbags on the sand which is available for a minimum order. You can visit this Beach Club in Canggu from morning until 11 pm with DJ music events starting at 4 pm. While enjoying the music, you can try the dishes offered, ranging from local, international, and fusion dishes to special sushi menus.



Old Man's

Old Man's Beach Club In Canggu


Old Man is a trendy beach club and beer garden located on Batu Bolong Beach. During the day, this is a cool place to hang out with friends. Enjoy a cold Bintang under a wide Balinese-style umbrella and eat simple food like burgers, fries, and salad while watching the surfers ride the waves. But when the sunset comes, Old Man becomes a wild party place. There is a live band that will play all genres of music from reggae to rock. The DJs also don't miss playing disco music that will make you dance all night long.


Vue Beach Club

Vue Beach Club In Canggu


Vue Beach club is part of the Lv8 Resort Hotel which is located on the edge of Berawa Beach. This Canggu Beach Club faces directly to the beach so you can enjoy the view of the blue sea with rolling waves and spectacular sunset views. This place has a swimming pool and sun loungers. You can sunbathe on the provided beanbags while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. Your leisure enjoyment will also be accompanied by a DJ who is ready to sing beach club-style music. Note that you need to know, there is no minimum order to be able to use a beanbag but if you want to use the swimming pool, then you need to pay extra.

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